Waiting for Leon Russell

It’s been a while since my last post so…Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday season. Much happen in the past few months?

Glad to report that the Hoboken Music Festival was great! Really enjoyed sharing the stage with Swingadelic and Spyro Gyra ! The sun was shining and we were all in great spirits. Of course we were all thinking of Leon Russell who had to cancel for health reasons.

After the high of the performance we were so sad to learn of the passing of Leon Russell on November 13, 2016. For the AIs, most of last year had been filled with the thoughts that we were going to get perform on the same stage, and hopefully get a few words with Mr. Russell. As last year would be marked with the loss of so many great artists, sadly, Leon Russell would join that significant group.

Surprisingly, at Christmas, I got to meet Leon Russell’s long time friend and collaborator Don Nix. Don had originally played with The Mar-Keys who back in the 50s had recorded the instrumental hit, “Last Night.” Don also worked with many luminaries including George Harrison, Joe Cocker, Duck Dunn and Steve Cropper. I sat with Don at a dinner table in Memphis and he shared stories of those he know and who now are gone. Leon. George. Joe. Duck. It was personal and wonderful and to me it seemed a bit of a closing for all the anticipation we had for most of 2016 – waiting for Leon Russell.

The Journey to Local Stardom: Try and fly first-class!

First, my apologies for no posts for this summer. I’d like to say that I’ve been busy surfing and shutting down all connections to tedium on my path to enlightenment—but not that glorious. Second, The Amazing Incredibles will be back in Hoboken for the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival on Sunday, September 25 at 2:30 p.m. on the Observer Highway Stage at Washington Street. We’ll be opening for the great Spyro Gyra band who will be headlining in place of the recuperating Leon Russell. (More on that in a bit.) This is now a family affair! Spyro Gyra guitarist Julio Fernandez is a local hero born in Cuba, raised in Hoboken and a great friend to The Amazing Incredibles and other musical luminaries throughout Hoboken and the New York metropolitan area.

Before The Amazing Incredibles hit the stage our on bassist Dave Post will bring his ‘real job’ to the stage presenting his big band Swingadelic back at the Hoboken Arts and Musical Festival where they’ve been knocking them dead for years! If you are in the neighborhood be sure to get to the Observer Highway Stage by 1:15 p.m. to hear Dave, and other local musical luminaries: John Bauers, Paul Pizzuti, Boo Reiners and the rest of the big band as they bring their tightly crafted arrangements of jazz and swing standards to the stage.

And finally…from everyone in Hoboken…from all the musicians who will be on stage on September 25 and especially The Amazing Incredibles we wish the great Leon Russell peace, healing and only our most positive thoughts for his speedy recovery. Even though there is great joy in being on stage with our good friend Julio Fernandez and Spyro Gyra we will truly miss the presence and musical mastery of Leon Russell.

We were so excited in May of this year to be slated to share the stage with Leon in Hoboken only to be outdone that day by Mother Nature’s need to provide necessary rain to our local environment. Both Leon’s band and The Amazing Incredibles could not perform on the June 12 rain date clearing the stage for our good friends “Skanatra” as they said hello to their Hoboken musical friends and neighbors with a history of performing for more than twenty years.

In July when Leon suffered a heart attack, we all took a collective deep breath hoping for the best. We were elated to hear out that not only would he would heal but he would be back in Hoboken for September’s Hoboken Arts and Music Festival. So much joy condensed into a few glorious communications. We recently found out that Leon needs a bit more time to heal…and we will give it to him. As long as he needs! We want Leon Russell, his band, his crew and his fans to know that everyone in Hoboken, on the stage and in the streets, will be thinking of Leon Russell on September 25 and hoping and waiting for the day he comes to see us in the Mile Square city. We love you Leon! Get well soon!

We’ll Be Back! (Moves like Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Well Mother Nature said, “Let’s prioritize and get nature hydrated.” That’s OK with me but sadly that means the cancellation of the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival on Sunday, May 1. Geri Fallo, Hoboken’s cultural affairs administrator, said that they are figuring out an alternate date. Leon Russell said that he will come back…and we hope to be there as well.

John Kurgan made the journey from Maine to be on the gig and Dave Post and Adam Krass made sure they had gas in the car or sensible shoes. I look forward to hearing what the new date will be and have an amazing and incredible time.

Thanks to all those who reached out to us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/amazingincredibles/.

Hope to see you soon,
Eddie Fogarty

Happy to be alive!

When last we met our friends…:

The Amazing Incredibles were a fun-loving, energetic acoustic quartet featuring two guitars, string bass and violin presenting a zesty mixture of swing jazz, light country and power folk, these folks know how to stir up some dust.

…and now this…::…upcoming performance

Who: Leon Russell
What: Hoboken Arts and Music Festival
When: Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 2 p.m.
Where: Hoboken, NJ
Why: Cause it’s fun?!

That’s right we’ll be on the BIG STAGE along with Leon Russell, Smokey Hormel, Emily Turonis and others. The stage is located on Washington Street between Newark Street and Observer Highway.